Established in 2014, Klein Vintage Watch only started out as a hobby. Co-owner, Spencer Klein, started tinkering on watches in 2009. He developed an interest in Seiko watches and after realizing that he couldn't find someone to work on his watches he decided to learn how to work on them himself. Decades of working on machines gave him the confidence to take apart a "smaller machine." After hours and hours of learning how Seiko watches work, he has become proficient in repairing Seiko 6309, 6139, 6105, as well as other models.

Klein Vintage Watch crystals are reproductions of original Seiko crystals made with Hardlex, the glass that Seiko themselves used. After Jonathan Koch (who had been selling these reproductions for years) passed away we were given the opportunity to continue selling the crystals. Co-owner, Sabrina Klein, sells these crystals as well as others. If we don't have one you are looking for listed, contact her at to see if any are in stock.

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