Seiko Crystals

320W10GN00 Type II


Brand new reproduction mineral glass replacement. Made out of Hardlex, the original material Seiko used. This is the correct crystal used for 6105-811x dive watches made between mid-1970 to late 1975. It is by far the most commonly used crystal watches and has been unavailable for more than 30 years. We are the only source for this reproduction 320W10GN00 Type II crystal.

This lower version was created by Seiko to replace the earlier Type I, which has a higher profile. The higher profile often had edge chipping. Seiko replaced the Type I with a Type II to alleviate this.


32mm Wide

3.7mm Deep

1.5mm Thick at center

This crystal is made to fit Seiko watches




It will also fit the 6309 and 7548 Divers

This listing is for the crystal only, not the display watch

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