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Seiko 6139-6002 "Resist", August 1971. Gold-dialed "Pogue" style

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Seiko 6139-6002, August 1971, “Resist”.

This is an all-original piece, original to itself. I don’t have history on it before it came here, but it appears to me to have been a one-owner watch. He was careful with it, and clearly loved the watch. He had it serviced a number of times by a competent old-school watchsmith. The original owner was gentle with the watch.

The watch has an excellent case, with original case lines and polish. Dial and hands have a pleasing patina which I have elected to keep. The watch looks sweet as is, and shows history.

Movement is entirely serviced, and upgraded with a lower mainspring arbor jewel and repair of the upper mainspring arbor bushing.

All parts of the watch are original genuine Seiko, and original to this watch.

  • Seiko 6139B 17-jewel movement is freshly restored

  • Lower mainspring arbor port upgraded with a jewel - this is a permanent fix.

  • Case brushing and polish are original, sharp and clean, with signs of wear but no abuse.

  • Insert shows the same as above

  • Dial color has some minor color variations, but surface itself is smooth, undamaged, and clean.

  • All lume is original, with spots of patina on the hands and markers

  • For strap and bracelet choices, I recommend and his excellent reproduction products.

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