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Seiko 6619-8280 - Mac-V / SOG dial & hands configuration - fully serviced


Seiko 6619-8280 17j watch, Vietnam Mac-V/SOG style

This was was a low-miles watch that lived a short but hard working life in a hot & damp environment. I do not know the ownership history. Despite the age and effects of moisture (some pitting in the case/caseback, slight crack on edge of caseback, light / missing dial printing, hazed dial surface) the movement was very good. The only signs of wear were the mainspring arbor ports, which were worn. The original owner was active. I replaced the winding weight and movement ring, but the rest of it was fine after the arbor repairs and full servicing.

This is not one of the “known” Vietnam models, but the available documentation we have, primarily “Running Recon” does not show casebacks or have casing numbers, only dial shots. The watch is complete and original to itself, and is in the classic Mac-V/SOG layout. This, combined with the effects of a working life in a hot & humid environment, and the evident active life of the first owner, makes it entirely possible that this was a Vietnam-used piece. My first impression is that this was the case, but I don’t know as the history is lost.

  • This watch is from February 1967

  • 6619 movement is fully serviced by me

  • Restoration done this month

  • Case rebuilt with new seals

  • Case fully stainless steel

  • NOS 320W03AN crystal in place

  • All dial lume original, all hand lume original

  • Dial printing light, and missing in places

  • Watch was serviced once before and there is a fingerprint in the haze on the dial.

  • Servicing, repairs, replacement parts, & case rebuild values come in at over $650.

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