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Seiko 7005-8030, Mac-V/SOG Special Forces model, Vietnam War


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Mac-V/SOG model Seiko 7005-8030, made in February 1970. Rarest of the known / verified models documented in “Running Recon”. This particular example is an interesting mix - the movement is in good shape, original, and appears to have been serviced at some point fairly recently. Clean lubrication is visible, and the numbers are good. The dial shows evidence of moisture intrusion and subsequent cleaning - chapter ring marks are faded to missing in several areas around the dial where there are marks of moisture on the dial, and the dial lume has the puffy / grainy look these get sometimes when moisture has gotten to them. Date window printing is faded on the outer edge. Crystal is original, and has hairline cracks in several areas around the edge.

  • Watch is original in all respects

  • Original case polish

  • Original lume

  • Running decently, could potentially have been serviced, but service history is unknown.

  • Crystal has cracks around the edge, seals appear to be old / original.

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