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Seiko EL-370 Hybrid, fully serviced, as seen on our YouTube channel


This is the Seiko EL-370 Hybrid, the creation & restoration of which I documented in this video:

To Recap: This watch is a hybrid of two different EL-370s - a gold-plated 3703-7039 from September 1971 (dial, hands, movement, movement ring, caseback) and a stainless steel case & bracelet, date unknown as the caseback was missing.

I found these watches to illustrate my answer to a question for our Friday Fun / Q&A video series, and over the course of the following weekend, restored the watch as it is now.

  • Fully serviced movement, adjusted & dialed in

  • Entire movement fully disassembled, fully cleaned and rebuilt correctly, with the proper lubricants.

  • Case rebuilt with all new seals, including battery hatch.

  • NOS crystal installed.

  • Bracelet is original to the case, I have extended the bracelet with closely related links from another Seiko watch, model unknown.

I was able to get excellent numbers out of this movement, and dial it in to accuracies of a few seconds per day so far. Very nice piece.

The majority of the pricing is for the labor and parts that went into servicing this watch.

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