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Seiko 6139-6005

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Seiko 6139-6005 automatic chronograph. N. American variant of the late '60s / early '70s seiko 6139-600x. Watch is original. All functions work as they should - chronograph stop/start, reset to perfect zero, indicator ring turns with the crown. Unfaded indicator ring, clean original lume, original case polish and brushing. Watch has been entirely serviced, case has been cleaned and rebuilt with all new seals and a new KVW crystal. '70s Seiko-branded Stelux H-link bracelet added, watch will fit up to 7.75". Watch movement has been upgraded with mainspring arbor jewels, top and bottom, and watch is a 19j as a result. Dial has a light pepper to the surface, visible under magnification, not readily visible to the naked eye. There is also a light mark on the dial by the chapter ring at :41.

Watch is not certified waterproof, no testing was performed. I strongly recommend keeping all vintage watches away from water. Water immersion / damage invalidates warranty. Watch servicing (movement) is warrantied for six months from date of invoice, assuming normal use. Damage from drops, magnetism, water intrusion is not covered. Warranty is not transferable to new owner(s). Watch jobs left unpaid for thirty days (30) will be considered abandoned. Chronograph wheel and chronograph hands are not covered by warranty. The parts are not serviceable and must be replaced if they fail, and failure is not predictable. The best way to protect these parts is to always leave the chronograph running. If you must stop and reset the chronograph, do so only when the main sweep hand is between :01 and :03.

These watches are becoming harder and harder to find in original cosmetic condition. Most are faded, or abused, or poorly restored. This watch is entirely original, looking only a few years out from when it was originally made, in February 1973.

Will only ship with insurance.

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