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Citizen 7-Star Parawater 21-jewel dive watch, October 1968, APSS 2812-Y

995.00 1,200.00

My lovely & neat JDM Citizen Seven Star Parawater. I love this thing but sadly just don’t wear it that often. But goodness it’s cool. This watch lived a quiet life in Japan from 1968 until I bought it.

I did a Yesterday’s Watch Review, Today! episode about this watch, here:

Here is a blog post about them from Fratello:

  • Entirely original, down to the crystal

  • Japan only

  • Kanji only daywheel

  • Internal rotating / indicator ring operated by crown at 2:00

  • Beautiful original lume, with mild patina on the sweep hand lollipop

  • Dial surface has lovely subtle “stardust” look to it.

  • Marker tops are perfect, ditto for hand surfaces and date window

  • No water ever got into this watch, ever.

  • 21 jewel movement is fully serviced.

  • Movement hand-winds, and automatic winds

  • Non-hacking

  • Date quickset, no day quickset

  • Both original signed crowns have been rebuilt with new custom seals

  • New caseback seal

  • Crystal is original with mild crazing.

  • Nice larger size, nearly 44mm in diameter and 50mm from lug to lug

  • All original case finishing / brushing. Never touched up. Some signs of use, but no abuse. This watch lived a quiet life in Japan until I bought it.

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